Tub Time

I see a lot of houses. A. Lot. After I peek at the kitchen (which is my favorite of all the rooms), I look at the bathrooms. I love to soak in the tub. I love to escape for a little bit of “me time”.  I take my bath bombs, salts, or bubble bath along with my wine (and sometimes foo and hide out. Sometimes, it is just for 10 minutes but if I can sneak away for longer, I will.

I even have a pinterest board that I titled “For the Home”, where I litter the page with different bathroom ideas and more importantly, tubs.  I look online for bathroom decor and with the knowledge that we will be buying a house within the year, I browse tubs. I love too many to share but I wanted to highlight some of my favorite tub trends with different price points for every budget.

*I must warn you that new tubs do not come cheaply. I even scoured craigslist and eBay and really couldn’t find any super deals.*

First up are freestanding oval soaking tubs. This seems to be the easiest to find. I like the clean lines and simplicity of this style. The cons are center drain, which can make it tricky to add in a pre-esisting home. I have added the links for the tubs so you can find more detailed specs. 😉

Schon Colton 5.25 ft Center Drain Freestanding Tub in Glossy White $799.00
Schon Aiden 5.8 Reversible Drain Tub in White $758.49

The next type of tub that makes my list of loves is the Clawfoot tub. There are so many kinds of these tubs around. The popularity doesn’t make them cheap, though.  The modern one below can be tricky to find online but you can always check around at stores. I found this one at Home Depot. They range in price from $790-$830.

Modern Clawfoot (you can find the feet in different finishes.) This one is $810.00

For the traditional type of clawfoot tub below you can find them ranging from $899 upwards to $4000.00. Please remember that most tubs (unless you find a package deal) don’t come with faucets and hardware. Keep the extra costs in mind.

Clawfoot tub (Hardware not included) $1179.99

My favorite tub is ridiculous! Ri-dic-u-lous. Maybe someday I will have this tub. It has built-in speakers for the 4 original instrumental compositions to send sound waves to gently massage the body. You can plug in your phone or MP3 player to it or use its bluetooth feature to cast your musical preference. It is hydrotherapy when full of water and a stereo when empty. There is also a bask heated feature to warm your back, neck, and shoulders. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you….THE TUB (of my dreams). The 5 Grand tub. *That’s not it’s real name…just what I call it.

The Kohler Underscore in Dune for $4881.00

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