Model Home Addiction

You guys! I can NOT stop visiting model homes. You know how when you have too many choices it can be overwhelming? Nope, me neither! I just get such a rush seeing a model home. It’s like a real life “Home Board” on Pinterest. It doesn’t help that there are 12 (12!!) new home builders here in Las Vegas.

I have favorite builders, tile options, tubs, counters….I could go on forever. I love the smell of the new carpet and how they put all the upgrades in the model. I love walking in and seeing an embellished tray ceiling in the living room and a feature wall in all of the bedrooms.

Embellished ceiling, feature walls, beautiful fixtures: perfectly staged


The best part of a model home is the interior design. It’s so sneaky how they use furniture to make these homes so nice you can imagine yourself living there. I always leave a model home wanting one. Always. I never say, “Yuck, who wants to live here?”

I have been so excited about them that I have asked to see a “quick move-in” home. I was ready to hand over a down payment that day! ( I love it!- I’ll take it!-attitude. Shut up and take my money!) We drove down the block and pulled in….so far so good! My heart is racing.  We entered the home and I was… underwhelmed. “What do you mean I have to pay extra to get the backyard landscaped?  It’s all gravel! (gross and uninhabitable)” “I have to pay for pavers?” “I wouldn’t have picked this boring carpet!”  They still wanted a large chunk of change for this. I want the landscaping. 😦  I was brought back down to earth. It was boring. So basic. No frills. IF I ever build a home, I hope I can afford all the frills.

My family heading into a model home. Look at that lovely landscaping!!

The truth is that my husband and I are still saving on a down payment for a house. I can’t just plunk down a million dollars on house and neither can the average person. This means I more than likely won’t have an all white kitchen with Carrara marble…like probably ever. And that’s OK. What I can do is dream! I can dream and work hard to chase those dreams.

In the meantime I will visit model homes because they do make me happy. Someday, I will build my own house. My family doesn’t mind that I drag them to see a house. Well, they haven’t said anything about it yet…If you would like to spare my family contact me and we can go together!

If you would like a Realtor (most salespeople at the”new build” sites are exclusively working for the builder, NOT the buyer) to be on your side and tour some model homes, contact me! I love it, we will have fun and I will help you to the best of my ability.

Also, make sure you read the website of the builder before you go. Look for a Broker Policy or Broker Partners page. Many builders won’t let you use your own Realtor/agent if you don’t let them know upfront that you have an Realtor/agent you are working with. In some cases, an agent must be there with you on your first visit when you register, if you want your agent to assist you.

In addition, the REALTOR must: Be present at the signing of the purchase agreement.
Assist the purchaser with the loan application if an outside lender is used.
Assist in the timely closing of escrow.

My purpose is to educate and help so leave a comment or question or email me. 🙂


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