For the Seller

“Dear Seller,
You can’t see the forest through the trees. You have lived in your warm, inviting home for too long. It is your home. You love it and it is better than any other home out there….”

I think that this sentiment is true for many sellers. Their house is no longer a house, but a home they are emotionally attached to. For whatever reason though, there comes a time to sell. This can sometimes be a challenge if the seller can’t see past their attachment. Both the selling and buying process is emotional.

Sellers: they can’t see the flaws or the clutter for that matter. They just see their home. Buyers: they can’t see past the clutter or imperfections and if it’s too cluttered, will never see it as their home.

There are many homes that sit on the market for longer than average because they don’t help the process along. This post is for the seller’s that see their homes perfect as-is.

Even if you, the seller, see your home as perfect, do yourself a favor. Step back! Try to get some unbiased fresh eyes in there to critique. It can hurt (hopefully not too much) to hear negative opinions on something you love, but not selling quickly and helping yourself can hurt your wallet. Cleaning is the single best way to make more money at closing.  A clean and uncluttered home is a strong first impression to the buyers that the home has been cared for. You can walk away with more money at closing if  your home is clean.

I know that much of this is common sense but if you have been out there in the world, you know that common sense isn’t common.

Here is a comprehensive list for showing your home and even for photographing the home for selling.

I wish I would have designed the info graphic but all credit goes to



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